1 Phone Call To Start Living 'Your Best Life'

You probably got here from social media, and therefore we could be close friends, family members, or complete strangers (and anything in between) but one thing is almost certain. And that is, that I probably have NO CLUE what 'your best life' looks like TO YOU.

'Your best life' is just that. Its YOUR best life. No one else's. Its whatever is IDEAL to YOU.

Now, you might be like me, where you just wanna do whatever you want, whenever you want, with whoever you want, as many times as you want without having any reason to feel ONE iota of guild or shame EVER, while ALSO growing and improving as a person AND contributing to the planet in your own unique way more and more each year.

I say that because that's 'an obvious ideal' shared by probably most people on the planet, and if ya ask me, it don't sound too bad.

First off, lets agree that probably no one is living that life PERFECTLY (although there are a few of us who like to think we're on the path to get as close as anyone can realistically get).

Everyone's 'best life' is totally different. And no one gets to tell you what you SHOULD want or what outcomes you shouldn't pursue. In my world, we all can literally create anything we choose, and we oughta! (Otherwise, we're wastin air)

Maybe 'your best life' looks like, you are on a lifelong 'path to mastery' in a field where you are THE BEST IN THE WORLD at what you do, like me. (and btw, that's not arrogance, its just a fact. Partially because I'm THE ONLY person in the world I know of that does what I do)

Maybe living 'your best life' means that you have an incredibly ALIVE personal relationship with "yo baby's mamma" (or father) that still gives you that 'butterflies in the stomach' feeling every time she (or he) so much as calls your phone to talk to you. I'm so grateful that my relationship is even more ALIVE and FRESH and NEW and SEXY as it was on March 1, 2008 (the day we first laid eyes on each other).

Maybe 'living your best life' looks like, you have five TRULY HAPPY and wellbehaved children who look like 'Gerber Baby' models and you enjoy as much time with them as THEY need, and as YOU want (and none extra... lol) We have 5 kiddos all ages 8 and younger, and they are all like little angels in every way imaginable.

Maybe living 'your best life' looks like, you don't need to 'have a job' or do 'work' you wouldn't happily do for free, but still get to earn all the money your family needs ...and then some. I literally do ALL my money-making from an iphone and it doesn't matter where I am in the world. In fact, my BIGGEST month of sales ($100k) happened DURING a family vacation on a Disney Cruise accompanied by two of my own little princesses and my queen. In fact, I teach my clients that my most valuable week in business happened BECAUSE I was on a cruise ship with my family. (More on this later)

Maybe living 'your best life' looks like, you have a six pack and almost completely crave only healthy, alive foods (so you never have to use will power to deprive yourself of any sweets). My favorite thing about this is that its what allows me to help people lose 65 pounds of fat in a single year without having to hold them accountable to a meal plan, without telling them to stop eating anything, AND without having to teach them any new information about exercise routines.

Maybe 'living your best life' looks like, you get personal therapy AND derive most of your creative inspiration and mental clarity through practicing your instrument of choice for as many hours of the day as you please, without it ever feeling like a chore (and as a result, you become so adept at it that you constantly have people telling you that they wish they could play like that). For me, its the piano, and whats better, it is a hobby that helps me MOST when it comes to building a global brand via social media, by just being ...ME. Being 'who I wanna be', playing how I wanna play, and saying what I wanna say.

Maybe 'living your best life' looks like, ALL your sales happen with literally ZERO 'selling resistance' and your customers happily throw their money at you and almost always thank YOU for taking it. (This is one of my FAVORITE things to help sales leaders with cause it not only blows their minds, but it also transforms their sales' people's results)

The bottom line is that I have no idea what 'living your best life' looks like for YOU. These are a few of the things I used to only DREAM about hopefully one day having (and now enjoy) and the best part is that I'd like to see if I can support you as you pursue any or all of these outcomes.

Here's What We're Gonna Do

Now, whether you use my help or not, these are the three things that you've GOTTA do to start living your best life SOON, like, as in, by THIS THURSDAY (in other words, sooner than you think) without having to WAIT till later in life when _____________ (insert any of the hoops to jump through that most people unnecessarily put in place that take years before you can truly have the experience of sincerely living 'your best life') happens.

Thing number 1

You've GOTTA achieve almost perfect vibrational alignment inside your body. (in other words, You've gotta FEEL REALLY GOOD RIGHT NOW.

As you may know, this happens by knowing exactly, precisely, and specifically what you want, and by when you'd like to have it, while releasing any attachment to it.

Thing Number Dos

You've GOTTA deepen the INTEGRITY of 'Your Word' and maintain it.

This one scares a lot of people because they judge themselves without realizing it. But don't worry, when you disconnect 'morality and ethics' from integrity, and distinguish integrity as 'workability', its a piece of cake.

And check this out! The universe is already WORKING so hard and so perfectly right? (I mean, just look up into outer space and tell me its not orchestrated with perfection.) So, since integrity is just 'workability', once you get more INTEGRITY in YOUR life, the universe, or in other words, 'LIFE, can work FOR you.'

Thing THREE (once those first two are done, this one goes fast)

You've GOTTA map out a clear and simple plan and carry it out. (in other words, simply do the necessary required actions)

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So, the next step is to to apply for some complimentary time with me personally where we'll work together on all or any of these three things.

In case you're wondering if this is some smarmy 'sales pitch in disguise', no, I won't be trying to push you into giving me money (unless our conversation is super fun for me AND you explicitly ask me to make you an offer to work together) I've always been of the belief that its best to offer huge value upfront, and if people want to work with me further, they can bring that up or make me an offer. Either way, you won't get a sales pitch from me at any point, ever.

You can take the conversation anywhere you wanna go with it and lets see how much progress we can make for you as quickly as possible.

You can use me, pick my brain, let me support you on anywhere you're stuck, tell me anything you want, ask me any questions, even take advantage of my generosity if you want, literally, you'll get full access to my brain in order to get you where you wanna go faster, with more simplicity, or maybe just with less unnecessary resistance. And at the end, you'll come away having made huge progress and clarity towards 'your best life', whatever that means to you.

When you fill out this little form, it'll come directly to my cell phone, and we'll jump on the horn as soon as I get a few minutes, and thats really it.

Fill out the form below and if I think I think I can help you, I'll reach out and schedule some time with ya. Looking forward to talking with you soon.


Parker Winder